tensaiteki-kuroneko asked:

[please only read this question if you have watched GG14-episode 16.] What's your reaction to DC's apparent death? And since I'm very depressed because of it and I also have an exam, can you make a funny post? Thanks!

I think it’s a cliffhanger at the end. Since no one answers the narration about what happened with the Knight. It would be really annoying if the Knight really dies. T^T

barobaby asked:

What's your opinion about god's gift? I'm really confused with the storyline. It's just escalated so quickly :''

Hate the plot, hate how it ends, hate the dumb side characters. The only thing I can love from this drama is just the ahjussi-ahjumma characters now. 

Quick Thoughts about the overall of God’s Gift 14 Days

We watch drama for the unrealistic happy ending, justice, and the magical typical ending where the heroes would win the battle and the villains would get their heads shoved to each other ass. As those things are hard to find in real life right?  

But God’s Gift 14 Days kinda lacks for that part. One of the heroes, Ki Dong Chan, is told sacrificed himself for the kid and the biggest villains, the president’s chief/staff, the drug-addict ugly dude and his mom are told nothing. It’s just at the end that the president announced the crime of his family. So I think maybe all the villains will be prisoned - but no such scene. 

Which is left me wondering. Why all the dramas with good beginning don’t wrap things up nicely at the ending?God’s Gift 14 Days kinda squeezed all the conclusions on the last minutes of the finale episode. 

The coward side characters could use some upgrades! 
Really. What’s with all the coward side characters? Saebyul’s dad, old grandpa chairman who lives in Dong Chan’s house, Hyun Woo Jin, and even the tattooed wrist guy. They’re all smart and have many sources. Why none of their characters is developed or changed into someone who’s brave enough to step up and help the Ahjumma-Ahjussi’s team. It is weird that all of them just surrender to this scary face ahjussi that easily. 

The tattoed wrist guy is the biggest waste among all characters. He’s tough. He’s skilled. He’s smart. He’s there since the beginning of the story. He’s moved by Saetbyul’s kindness, she kinda reminds him of his late child. He has the reason to help Ahjumma. He has experienced the pain of losing a child. He should have realized sooner that his boss is just pure evil like his son’s murderer. He has all the specs to solve this tangled case. 

Too bad his changed character was only shown in the last minutes of the finale episode and then soon he got stabbed badly by the scary face dude’s minions. 

The confession please. 
If it’s that hard to gather evidence. Y U NO gather the confession, Dong Chan-ssi? When Dong Chan and Soo Hyun were visiting the president’s son in the hospital, they should have slipped in a camera or recorder on them. So they could record everything and prove how despicable that president’s son is. 

Isn’t Ki Dong Chan an amazing detective with high technology tools like tracker and small cameras? He could squeeze a confession easily from the kids stationery dude kidnapper too before. 

The cliffhanger
I’m still unsure if Ki Dong Chan were really dead at the end of this drama. I prefer to call it a cliffhanger. Since at the end of the narration, it wasn’t told if the Knight (aka Dong Chan ahjussi) is dead or not. If he really died at the end, then his character got such a bad luck. 

Besides we only hear an unclear splash of water sound at the end of the story. Did Saetbyul get thrown to the lake? Did Dongchan jump into the water - which is so weird? Or was it Soo Hyun that jumped into the water? Everything is still not clear. 

Urgh! I hate cliffhanger. It’s like I’m watching the stories for nothing. Anyway, I heard there’d be an extra episode and hopefully the extra episode will solve the cliffhanger.

Overall: This drama got a good story, idea and nice plot in the beginning but then everything is kinda rushed and messed up in the middle so things were not put nicely in the end of the drama. The drama also lacks of details and characters’ development. Everybody just surrender too easily to the evil guy. 

The main pairing characters are so adorable though - I wish they had more screen time to develop their relationship into something. Bad ending but still great acting from Lee Bo Young and Joo Seung Woo.